Raising the bar, One event at a time

We believe that you should be able to experience an elevated level of service, craft cocktails or fine BC wines no matter the location or occasion. With over a 20 years experience in bartending, hospitality management, and event facilitation, coupled with our passion for supporting local producers, Fermented Dining is the new standard in Special Event Bartending in the Okanagan Valley.


Our Vision

"To provide high end beverage service to events anywhere in the Okanagan Valley, showcasing local ingredients to create a memorable cocktail experience to our guests time and time again"

Who's Behind Fermented Dining?

Cody Pollard


Cody has almost a decade in the hospitality industry, starting in the kitchen washing dishes as a teenager, then graduating with a diploma in Resort and Hotel Management from Selkirk College in 2011. Since then, he has helped develop the bar programs at a number of restaurants in the Kelowna area, before starting Fermented Dining in the spring of 2016. His philosophy has always been to support local producers as much as possible and that really comes through in the company's mission. He has a vast knowledge of food and beverage products produced here in BC, and spends most of his days off at wineries/distilleries/breweries or exploring to find new ingredients he can incorporate into events.

Licensing and Insurance

We are fully licenced and insured,  to provide beverage service to Special Events License holders anywhere in the Okanagan. What this means, is we are permitted to serve liquor at events, once you have obtained a special events license Here. It costs about $25, takes less than 15 minutes to complete and you can be approved within minutes.

We also highly recommend obtaining single event third party liability insurance, it's a easy way to protect yourself, and it is very reasonable, typically costing between $80 and $250 depending on your desired coverage and event size. 

If you need Event Insurance, please contact our friend Brandon McGill with Western Financial Group at 250-808-6839 or by Email: [email protected]. Please mention us, and he will ensure you get a policy that works for your specific event requirements

If you have any questions about licensing or about insurance for events,  please don't hesitate to call us at 250-551-2043 or send an email to [email protected]

Our Team

Our Bar team comprises some of the best and brightest in the valley, with multiple cocktail competition wins both locally and in Vancouver, and numerous awards. Our bar team works in some of the best restaurants and bars in town, developing high end cocktails, serving local wine and embodying an elevated level of customer service that carries over to our events.  We believe in providing the highest caliber of service no matter the event, and truly believe our team will succeed in that mission each and every time.